Welcome to Rosh Hashanah cards (roshhashanahcards.com)! We are the first (that we know of) website singularly focused to Rosh Hashanah Greeting cards and your one stop shop for beautiful Rosh Hashanah cards.

Back when my youngest brother had his bar mitzvah I noticed he received the same nice bar mitzvah card from 4 different people! There is a real gap of high quality Jewish greeting cards. My engagement, marriage and birth of our two kids really hammered this same point. Many Jewish Greeting cards aren’t of the best quality. That’s why I started a Jewish Cards website back in 2013-14. Travelling between America and Australia has slowed down our operations but we’re now back with

  • an etsy shop: Jewish Cards by Rachel
  • Rosh Hashanah cards (roshhashanahcards.com)
  • More to come soon! (Don’t tell anyone but we just bought a massive 1961 letterpress printing press along with a 3d printer and laser cutting machine that will help us combine the old with the new for the best quality letterpress greeting cards and custom invitations for all your simchas.)

Thanks for reading. Contact us at hello@roshhashanahcards.com for any custom cards or a discount code if you ask nicely :